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Cognitive science programmes and research at JU

Jagiellonian University in Krakow (JU) is a leading center of cognitive science studies and research in Poland, widely recognized abroad. Studies and research in cognitive science are key aspects of two areas of the Excellence Initiative – Research University programme granted to JU. Within the Future Society area we conduct research on cognitive and neurophysiology processes, which allow understanding of how the human mind works in a complex social world and how we can improve its functioning. Within the DigiWorld area we study and develop technologies that can support perceiving and understanding the world, which will be better adapted to the potential and limitations of the human mind.

The above actions are implemented, among others, by coordinating an interdisciplinary programme of studies in cognitive science. Each year, about 50 students start the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, in which they learn theory and practice in key domains of cognitive science: cognitive psychology and neuroscience, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the philosophy of mind. Graduation of these studies includes the completion of students’ own project – the diploma thesis. Studies allow enrolling various courses in other units, such as JU Institute of Psychology and Institute of Computer Science, as well as participating in international stipends and internships. About 30 students yearly begin studying in the Master’s Degree Programme, carrying collaboration with selected research groups or labs, and completing the programme by defending the master thesis based on their research project, often in international collaboration. Our graduates frequently continue their research career in one of the Doctoral Schools at JU, such as CogNes cognitive neuroscience doctoral programme.

Cognitive Department’s staff carries out research in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, robotics, and philosophy. Information regarding research labs, equipment, publications, and potential collaboration can be found in menu Research.

You are warmly invited to join cognitive science at JU!