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MA programme description

Institute of Philosophy, in collaboration with Institute of Psychology and Institute of Computer Science, has been offering the Master’s Degree Programme in Cognitive Science since 2013. The scope of this interdisciplinary BA programme comprises the investigations on how both people and intelligent machines perceive the surrounding world and act in it. The studies programme provides knowledge and skills in philosophy, logic, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience, according to the learning outcomes defined in JU Senate’s act #6/I/2013. To complete each year, the student requires 60 ECTS according to the programme. Completion of the entire MA programme requires 120 ECTS. Students can freely assign 54 ECTS to elective courses. Graduation takes place by submitting the master thesis and passing the final exam. Graduates receive the professional degree of Master in Cognitive Science.

The MA studies have research and tutorial nature. Under supervision of a researcher, students design the course of their studies (curriculum) in the optimal way for the purposes of completing a research project that will be a subject of the master thesis. Concurrently, during Cognitive Seminar (three semesters) the students integrate knowledge on specific disciplines into the interdisciplinary understanding of human and artificial cognition, typical for cognitive science. After acquiring necessary knowledge and practical skills, students complete their own research projects, review or applied works, with the help frm research staff.