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Cognitive Science Students’ Research Society

The Cognitive Science Students’ Research Society (KNSK) of the Jagiellonian University brings together students and doctoral students interested in various aspects of cognitive science. Members of the Circle ask themselves questions about the nature of the human mind, human cognitive functioning and the possibilities of modeling human cognition. The cognitive approach to the problem of the human mind, used by members of the Circle, is an interdisciplinary approach that combines both Psychology, Neurobiology, Linguistics and Philosophy, as well as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics and Statistics. Thus, the members of the Circle strive to obtain a comprehensive education, so that they can then look for answers to the questions posed earlier.

KNSK tries to support students of Cognitive Science and other faculties in developing their passions and interests related to cognitive science and following the path of a scientific career. Among the main activities of KNSK, sections of the Society, organization of scientific conferences and special lectures stand out. The sections of the Society are divided into general sections, which operate on the basis of discussion clubs (Kogniak), and specialist sections, focused on developing particular interests of the members of the Society (Meta-science Section, Exmind). KNSK is the organizer of two scientific conferences: the international Cracow Cognitive Science Conference (CCSC) and the nationwide Open Polish Science (OPOS). In addition, KNSK tries to popularize science by organizing special lectures from the series "Meet our scientists" and by publishing posts from the #CS_Student_Reading_Prompt series on the Club's Facebook page, which are intended to encourage followers to read the latest scientific articles published by the scientific journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Joining the Society is possible all year round. The club is open to intra- and inter-university cooperation.

More information can be found on the website and on Facebook.