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Przestrzeń badawcza i aparatura

Cognitive Science Department uses innovative facility to run research. Our laboratories are located at 3 Ingardena Street (3rd floor, rooms 304-309) and in the building of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (rooms 1071 and 1085). We have access to an EEG cabin (another one under construction), a spectroscope-eye tracking laboratory, a room for robot interaction, a virtual reality lab, as well as two rooms for group studies involving cognitive and behavioral experimentation.

Our equipment includes:

  1. 48-channel functional infra-red optical spectroscope NIRScoutX
  2. 64-channel ACTIVE2 BASE EURO EEG
  3. 32-channel Neuroelectrics StarStim32 transcranial alternating current stimulator (tACS)
  4. EyeLink 1000 Plus eyetracker
  5. Virtual environment generation server and VR goggles. 
  6. Robots: Miro-E, Nao, Misty and (soon) TIAGo.