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BA programme description

Institute of Philosophy, in collaboration with Institute of Psychology and Institute of Computer Science, has been offering a general-academic Bachelor’ Degree Programme in Cognitive Science since 2010. The scope of this interdisciplinary BA programme comprises the investigations on how both people and intelligent machines perceive the surrounding world and act in it. The studies programme provides knowledge and skills in philosophy, logic, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience, according to the learning outcomes defined in JU Senate’s act #34/III/2012. To complete each year, the student requires 60 ECTS according to the programme. Completion of the entire BA programme requires 180 ECTS. Students can freely assign 74 ECTS to elective courses. Graduation takes place by submitting the diploma thesis and passing the final exam. Graduates receive the professional degree of Bachelor in Cognitive Science.

The first part of the BA program (semesters 1 to 3) consists of Introduction to Cognitive Science, which is composed of 20 courses (including an elective one), which present fundamental disciplines to cognitive science, belonging to the domains of philosophy, formal sciences, computer science, psychology and neuroscience. The second part undertakes the key Problems and Models in Cognitive Science, starting from perception, through more complex functions of the mind, ending with human and intelligent machine action, as well as other topics freely elected by the students.